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Dear, Friend’s! My name Subhash, I am a flute player who combines a knowledge of Indian classical ragga with modern experimental arrangements, mantras, poems. I feel music is like the rustle of coastal sands caressed by an ocean wave, growing quiet for just a moment to allow the listener to hear absolute soundlessness, then rolling in anew from an enormous depth of being, enveloping us in abstract melodic constructions. This is the sound of "emptiness and filling" , born in the hollow bamboo reed between the performer's lips and fingers. First and foremost, the flute is valued for its emptiness. It is precisely this idea which I strives to get across to the public. Filling the emptiness of the flute with living pranic energy, one can hear the sound of one's own heart and enter into unison with the sound of the listener's heart while introducing a stream of meditativeness and awareness of the  surrounding space.  You can listen my music on this page . If you want to download it, you can click  this link

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Musically Yours, Subhash Prem Giri.

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